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Gung Fu's Hidden Way of Life   The term Jianghu is linked to cultures other than those pertaining to martial arts in Wuxia stories only. It is also applied to societies where there is no law and order. This is a time of Jiang Hu

The Jianghu is a an alternate universe (world) that overlaps our own. It consists of many martial artists and pugilists, magic elementals, spirits all gathered in the Wulin, who are usually congregated in sects, clans, disciplines and various schools of martial arts. It is also inhabited by others such as "Youxia" (wandering heroes), nobles, thieves, beggars, priests, healers, merchants and craftsmen and conmen. The best Wuxia stories draw a vivid picture of the intricate themes of honour, loyalty, love, duels and hatred between the individuals and communities. Philosophy in also taught as part of the universal moral lessons. Timeless tales with timeless messages! This is why they are alive even today!

This alternate universe that overlaps our own offers those who can tap into it unlimited powers. The powers of legend are even today extracted from parallel universes. They are co-efficients by nature. One feeds the other. There is a key that must be switched "on" inside of the one who is attempting to make contact with Jiang Hu. In order to do this particular transition one must master intent. The controlled will power focused upon the goal is and always has been part of the quest of real Kung Fu. Immortality, to drink the dew, to live upon the moonbeams alone. Eternal health & Vigor - Bodhidharma / Dahruma the white monk taught kung fu for health and strength. Like a combat oriented form of yogaIt served a wide range of purposes for life in that era (much as today)

In these very unsafe times we all must see to our own safety and well being. The authorities cannot do everything for you. Take a responsible stance in this time of Jiang Hu and adapt to it, to survive it and perhaps even conquer it! Life takes on a more unreal feeling nearly every day.  Beware this time of quickening. Keep your center! This is now a critical component of a wise mans daily life habits. In times past it was merely one of thousand "wise" kung fu sayings. Now, take it as a direct order! Daily contemplations are meditations of edification regarding keeping your center inside and out! Understanding the world of Jiang Hu will certainly give you insight into a world of chaos and uncertainty. As valuable of a tactical tool as any other in your arsenal is the knowledge of the hidden world. The Chinese culture recognizes it. Others know of it too, have a similar thing, but deny it's existence as western cultures often do . Masters can "see" the hidden worlds that others cannot. This is because they sense them and also see their effects in this world that overlap from the other. Some will laugh, but I do not. I listen & learn of those things which cannot be, of those things which never were - but which now confront us in a most monsterous manner of madmen & murder, lies and death cries. Come ye now

In Jiang Hu the trick is not so much about this or that weapon or fighting style. But to have a higher level of perception. To see the big picture (macro) versus the me-me - micro picture of the self. From this lofty place you may then begin playing the game. The "great game", Jiang Hu or cosmic paradox - call it what thee will, it is all the same place in space and time, a place sublime. Ya can't stay away, it's at you every day, it's a game ya gotta play, it's a Gung Fu holi-DAY! The Kung Fu lifestyle is a conceptual freeform life map of dynamic flow of the two opposing forces of the cosmos. Sounds like BS eh? It is not. It is the pearl of which the Dragon eternally seeks. Through the nine channels of nine heavens and sacred wells where the jade tiger dwells above / beyond the 18 hells - just the sound of chimes and .. bells - shells of reality that we cant see.

A common aspect of the Jianghu is the tacit suggestion that the courts of law are dysfunctional. Plenty of law and little justice. All disputes and differences can only be resolved by use of force, as such, predicating the need for the Code of Xia and brave acts of chivalry.

Share in the grand adventure of life. Think out of the box and create methods of protection that others pass by. Some methods do not appeal to the ego, it is difficult to walk away from an insult or an assault I know! But, I have set your feet upon the right path. This article is a mere road sign, something that points the way. The trip itself, the vaunted “thousand mile journey” must be made by you alone. The fighting arts are about the self. Not about master so and so or this or that system’s superiority. My goal is survival, joining a martial cult doesn’t help me survive one bit. Learning to get by without a gang or cult behind you is far more rewarding because eventually it leads you to personal freedom and power  while upon this Earth (which we all share). The Real & the unreal R 1 - anything is possible -